Forgiveness Flows

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I am not my body - Chopra Forgiveness

Forgiveness has been one of the most challenging things for me to embrace. I have always differentiated between a lack of forgiveness and holding grudges, but now I see they are one and the same. Holding a grudge is an active way of directing negative energy, while an attitude lacking in forgiveness is slightly more passive.

Either way, all we are hurting is ourselves! Holding a grudge allows the fires to bun – whether an inferno or lightly smoldering coals – there is a heat that is putting purposeless energy into the world, always heat that can burn and damage.

A lack of forgiveness places most of the painful energy within the person who is withholding it. In most cases, the other is blissfully unaware. Without forgiveness, an attitude of hurt can be perpetuated for lengthy periods of time without resolution. Forgiveness does not require an apology from the other person.

This is craving of the ego. Coming to terms with the situation in the heart is the most joyful path to forgiving. If an apology is offered, think of it only as the icing on the cake because it is not required. The heart only passes on more love.

I realize just how vital this practice it. How can we possibly manifest anything wonderful into our live when we are busy grumbling against others and squabbling with them in our hearts? IMPOSSIBLE. How much wasted energy is this? We might fuss over the amount of food thrown out after dinner, the furniture that the dog has chewed up, or a favourite shirt that now has a large coffee stain on it and complain bitterly over the waste.

Waste is the overall key we are looking at with our unwillingness to forgive We are wasting all of the positive ideas and creative opportunities that may have found their way within us if the doorway was open instead of padlocked shut. In this situation, I see that I am the one locked in this prison cell – one that is of my own making.

I have had some personal issues as of late with forgiveness and it took some deep soul-searching to realize that I was the only one who was suffering! The people in question were unaware. After some time, I realized how ridiculous it was and then contemplated just how much energy I had wasted. NEVER AGAIN!

When we are unwilling to forgive, we shut off our energetic pathways. We do this to satisfy the ego who is convinced that it is right. Being right is imperative to the ego, but we need to remember that our true nature does not require it. As a divine being of love, it is time to let the ego fend for itself and realize that everyone wins in forgiveness, but the true winner is YOU. You have relinquished the negative energy, bested the ego, and continued to let your beautiful light shine.

Forgiveness is a process; we are on a beautiful journey together. With love, ANYTHING is possible.

Brain Entrainment

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I have been toning lately and have found it to be rather effective in pain relief. Morry delivered an incredible interview and explained how sounds and tones affect one’s mental state. I am amazed how far he has come. When he was younger, his motto was, “life is a disease from which there is no cure.”

Doesn’t sound very positive. At this point in is life, he positively ascertains that happiness is a choice and says that we must find opportunities instead of getting depressed. It is through exploring things we are passionate about that we experience real happiness. I can certainly attest to this!

Now, I have been a constant dabbler in all areas of wellness and “self-help” and therefore really appreciate a piece of advice from Morry: anything that resonates with you in your e-mail, save it in a folder – it is an endless loop of marketing. This is exactly what I do – I don’t buy right away. Instead, I have a look at it in the upcoming week.

Many times I don’t even take care of the “freebies” of interest right away; the filing habit has saved me a great deal of time and is an excellent prioritization strategy. The proof in the pudding is the fact that it took me several weeks to listen to the audio download that I was directed to via another favourite of mine, Joe Rubino.

When I first listened to it, I was surprised that all it SEEMED to be was meaningless noise.This noise, however, was not something offensive that I wanted to shit off right away. The pulsing sounds were actually rather comforting. Entrainment is both physical and psychological. I can logically see both although I am going to need to give it more time on the physical note.

Psychologically, I could definitely see ramifications right away: calming, soothing, refreshing, relaxing. During the entrainment process, enough cells are moving at the same time and thus release and fire.Despite my initial surprise at the unexpected sounds, they became rather pleasant and were not at all offensive to result in shutting off the volume.

Our Soul is the Student in Us

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Our soul is the student in us… what beautiful words spoken with Sonia Choquette on Healing with the Masters. I have always felt this way; I am not my body – I am a soul. It has a history and a direct connection to the one source, our timeless divine light. Our frequency here on earth is being accelerated.

We are being given an invitation to transition experience from soul to spirit. She advises us to end this separation journey and become more enamored of our light. Each soul will have an awakening of grace, guidance, and gifts.

We are currently going through a transformation together and we should trust in this transformational season in our lives. Grace pulls us out of internal and external chaos. Guidance is the pulse that never disconnected from source. Our gifts come from God.

My body may have its challenges, but my life is filled with so many incredible gifts! I have an incredible husband, powerful connections, a curious brain that never stops, and boundless energy for life. Every day of my life, I am conscious of the grace and guidance that I receive, and the constant gifts that make themselves known on a daily basis.

Transforming Yourself Through Endings

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I had never considered an ending to provide an opportunity to transform until I listened to Farhana. She took her divorce and turned it into an opportunity; it’s all about how we address our endings to become a better person. MS and FMS have been slightly infuriating traveling companions at times, but they have also proved to be phenomenal teachers.

They have shown me what is truly important in life and what has no importance and can be confidently tossed away. What started with grief over the loss of my old life grew into gratitude for the adventure of the new incredible life I was embarking on.

With regards to my “old life”, I knew I shouldn’t be there anymore but I didn’t know how to get out until I was forced. When I think deeply and truthfully about it, there is a certain amount of truth. It is mixed with a certain amount of fear or shame from time to time, but these feelings are not constants.

  1. Exhale
  2. Embrace situation (how am I 100% responsible for this situation?)

I consider myself responsible for risking my mental – emotional – physical well-being through years of unhealthy living. I also consider myself extremely blessed for having the knowledge, time, and financial ability to embark on an incredible healing journey…

UNLOCK Your ‘I AM’ Power!

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I’ve tried to listen to Harrison Klein before and his words didn’t really resonate with me. This time, I simply shut off my mind and listened with my heart. What a difference one’s approach of “hearing” makes. I was immediately attracted by the tag line to “awaken m I AM power” because this is something I gratefully welcome new strategies for accomplishing.

I learned so much from Harrison. Looking back in my life, I can certainly see all of the anger, criticism, and frustration as building my foundation of pain. What was going on outside of my body is, but especially was, a reflection of what was going on inside.

Existence is worthiness. For so much of my life, I felt unworthy of so many things: of love, respect, money. The list could go on much longer, but I’ll stop at my top three.

Harrison shared a number of steps to reach this presence:

1. way of the cross
2. increments of understanding
3. 40 day practices
4. places of silence
5. travel
6. stay in a place of the unknown

For some reason unbeknownst to myself, #6 especially resonated with me. Perhaps this is because unknown places provide a bit of exhilaration mingled with fear, and a sense of adventure. I don’t usually stay in such places – I am more of a frequent visitor. Living well with MS, however, has forced me into this place. I believe I have found another gift!

According to Harrison, the most important path to this presence is love – love for yourself, love for others. As we step into love, we step into a place of presence, timeliness, and collapse everything into the moment..

Breath is the only non-thing in the physical world’. As we breathe, dance, express ourselves, and just BE, we allow cosmic energy in – the universe is for us.

“I AM” is an identity principle where everything start. Before attraction or speech, there is being. Just allow thing to be without any judgment or criticism. This is a challenging one! “I AM” is a state of being: being -> thinking -> speaking -> doing.

an affirmation = statement of lack
a declaration = the power is in the now

You are stepping into a new reality when you create a new state of being! Thank you Harrison!